June 12, 2024

A chat with Jules of The Haines Collection

By Sophie Harpley
A chat with Jules of The Haines Collection

Jules Haines, founder of The Haines Collection is a bit of a visionary. She saw an issue with waste in the interiors industry and sought to change it. I’ve been a huge fan from the start so I'm thrilled to have Haines recognise my own sustainable approach and that they are now representing by fabrics and wallpapers as part of 'Haines Curates'.

There is so much I relate to in the answers Jules gave to my questions below, from an obsession with textiles to winding down in the bath with a Create Academy course! It's certainly true it can be hard to switch off when you're passionate about what you do but I think you'll love her tips and advice...


When did you first start to love the thing you do now, or was it always there? 

I’ve always loved fabrics and crafting. As a child I’d spend hours on my grandmother’s old singer sewing machine making all sorts of things for my teddies and gifts for people.  I started the Haines Collection in 2020, and feel very lucky to have found ‘my thing’. I really love it.


What inspired you to build the business you have now? What impact do you hope to create?  

I worked for a textile designer for 5 years and learnt first hand how much waste was in the industry - whether it was from making up products or rejects from the print process. Previously this excess was often headed to landfill or incineration. I knew that the majority of this surplus could simply be rehomed, but there wasn’t a high end resale platform for this, so I started Haines. We are passionate about sustainability and our core mission is to reduce waste in the interiors industry, and accelerate the transition to a circular economy. We’re now an award winning eco resale platform for over a hundred designers and brands who are looking to rehome any surplus stock. 


Where, who or what experience taught you the most invaluable lessons about the work you do now? Was it university, career or the school of life? 

Definitely the school of life. I’m sure school and university laid the foundation, but the real value has been in the last twelve years. That’s also probably because my priorities have changed and I’ve only started to focus on turning my career into my passion in the past decade. My greatest lessons came from my first job in the interiors industry working for a startup. I watched and learned how to start a business and what you should prioritise. This definitely gave me the confidence to start out alone.


It’s your day off, what do you do? How do you unwind or find inspiration?

Days off work when you have your own business don’t really exist! If I’m not doing things with the family, I’m always thinking about work. It’s a thread of constant analysis and how we can do better. I enjoy the challenge and love my job, but it can be tiring! In the short term the best way to unwind is a bath, listening to a podcast. I’m actually doing a Create Academy course right now which is often on in the bath, or I head to bed early to watch it alone. In the long term, how I really switch off and ‘empty my stress cup’ is on holiday in the sunshine. Nothing beats the peace and quality time of a holiday.

Words of wisdom, what’s the best life or work advice you’ve received?  

I’m known to love a saying, or make up my own, I think it's the marketeer in me! I also have a long list of great quotes and sayings in the notes on my phone, I’m always adding to it. The one I think of often is ‘It takes ten years to be an overnight success’ - it reminds me to be patient in business. 


Your desert island book?

I’m not a massive reader, I find it quite hard to focus and carve out time for it Recently I really enjoyed Arnold Schwarzenegger Be Useful - 7 Tools for Life. I learnt a lot about focus and resilience, and found it inspiring. I ended up highlighting and writing notes in it so I think that one will be with me for life.

What’s the most surprising fact about you?

I’ve got dimples in my shoulders. Weird but true! One dimple in each.


Describe your creative style in 3 words.

Colourful, traditional, (packed with) personality


Proudest recent achievement? 

It has to be when I won the House and Garden Responsible Design award last year, it was huge to me.


I used lots of Haines fabrics when dressing my home and with the help of Sue Sews. Want more musings on creative processes? You can read thoughts over on the Haines blog! 

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