Useful information


Can I order a half metre of fabric?

Yes. If you place an order for the number of whole metres you need - then email us to arrange for the extra half.

Can you recommend paint colours?

Yes, every fabric and wallpaper page includes suggestions for colour to compliment it in your home. I also offer more in depth colour consultations on request. Email for further details.

How long do 'made to order' items take?

If an item is marked 'made to order' this means it will take a little longer than our standard delivery times. Once you place an order it will be printed or handmade in the UK and arrive with you in 2-4 weeks. We will be in touch to keep you updated about your delivery.

I have a showroom, design or hospitality business and would like to work with SH fabrics and papers on a trade basis; do you offer this?

Absolutely. Please have a look at the 'Trade' page and fill in the short form. We'll be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements and send swatches.

Can you design bespsoke wallpapers or fabric to my brief?

Yes! Have a look at the collaborations page and get in touch with your ideas.

I have a custom order request and would like something in a different size, material or colour-way.

No problem, please send us your enquiry via email and we'll try to help. It's always interesting to hear your ideas!

I have a historic wallpaper / mural in my home that I wish to restore. Can you help?

Yes. Combining my background in museum archives with sensitive design skills, I am able to replicate or refresh existing print designs in the home. Contact us to find out more.

Delivery & Returns

UK delivery info

In-stock items will be delivered within 2-5 working days. Fabric is often printed to order and will take approximately 2 weeks to deliver to you. If any item is showing as out of stock or 'made to order' this simply means by purchasing you are placing a pre-order and will receive it within 2-3 weeks - contact us for specific dates. Please note that deliveries outside the UK will likely take longer, please get in touch for further details. 

Worldwide delivery

We now deliver worldwide. We will dispatch your order within 2-5 working days if it is in stock. (Please see UK information above regarding 'made to order' items which are dispatched in 2-4 weeks. International delivery times cannot be guaranteed but can be approximately 2 weeks. We will provide you with a tracking number to follow the progress of your purchase.

Returns & refunds

If you wish to return a purchase please contact us within 14 days of receiving your goods, providing your order number. Then simply send your purchase back in its original condition for a full refund or exchange. Please note some exclusions apply;

1. Cut fabric cannot be returned.

2. Wallpaper rolls must be unopened and in their original cellophane.

We strongly advise you order swatch samples before buying fabric or wallpaper.

Care information

How to wash and care for linen

For 100% linen we highly recommend to dry clean only as shrinkage will occur. However if you do wash our linen, do so on cool; max. 30°. Lay flat while damp and allow to air dry. Gently steam (with a household steamer) if necessary; linen likes steam. Do not iron. Some light rumples are the part of the beauty of natural cloth. ​

How to care for wallpaper

To care for your wallpaper, gently wipe clean any marks / splashes with a damp sponge or cloth. Avoid getting paper too wet and use a seal when wallpapering kitchens and bathrooms.

Wallpaper advice

How to calculate wallpaper

Our wallpaper rolls measure 52cm x 10 metres. This means each roll covers approximately 5 metres square.

To work out how much you need, measure the width and height of each wall, one at time. Multiply the two dimensions. (Ignore doors and windows because it's always better to have some paper spare than not enough, especially when working around features like these).

So for example, the first of 4 walls in a room is H3m x W5m = 15m square. Then divide that by 5 and discover you need 3 rolls for this wall.

Continue this for each wall until you have a total for the room.

Now! This part is vital - you now need to add on an extra 20%. Let's say the room was 60m square in total. You calculated 12 rolls of wallpaper required - and now you need to add another 2-3 rolls to this total.

Why? There is quite a bit of room for error with wallpapering and it's much better safe than sorry. Some paper it lost while matching up the pattern or papering around architectural features.

We hope this helps and please contact us with any questions.

How to hang wallpaper

We strongly suggest working with a professional decorator who will hang your wallpaper with skill and precision. Here's how the process works;


It is important to begin wallpapering with smooth, flat, clean and dry walls. So start by addressing any cracks or imperfections and remove any old wallpaper of course. If your walls are in particular need of some love, it might be worth having them re-plastered before applying any wallpaper.

If there are just a few imperfections on the wall, take the time to fill in any blemishes using a high-quality filler to achieve a seamless finish. After the filler has dried, gently sand the wall until it is perfectly smooth.

For wallpapering directly on to fresh plaster, we recommend using the technique of 'sizing'. Dilute a paste solution and apply it generously to the walls, allowing it to penetrate the porous plaster. As this solution dries, it forms a protective shield that guards against the unwanted absorption of adhesive during the wallpapering process.

It's also worth painting the walls the same colour as the wallpaper before hanging - that way any imperfections and tiny gaps will be hidden. Crafty!


If you're covering the entire room, it's recommended to start in an area with plenty of natural light and go from there.

The first length, or 'drop' of wallpaper is the most important as it sets the foundation for aligning with all of the other lengths you’ll hang. You definitely want to make sure that the first drop of wallpaper is perfectly straight. Otherwise, you might end up with an uneven appearance that gets worse as you continue. By taking the time to align the first drop neatly, the rest of the wallpaper should easily fall into place.

To start, measure 50cm from the left-hand corner of the wall you're going to decorate and mark it with a pencil. To draw a straight vertical line, use this mark as a reference point. You can use either a plumb-bob or a spirit level to create a plumb line. This line will serve as a guide when hanging the first drop, ensuring it hangs straight down.

Note - if your wall or room has a focal point and you’d like the pattern to be centralised to, for example, a fireplace or a window, you’ll need to start level with the middle of the focal point and work out from either side.


Make sure you measure out the right amount of wallpaper paste. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer and be as precise about it as you possibly can.

Our wallpapers are 'paste-to-wall' meaning you / your decorator should paste the wall and not the back of the paper. Paste should be evenly applied to the wall before hanging each strip, one at a time.

We suggest you 'butt' together the joins (rather than the traditional overlap sometimes used). Then use a wide brush to smooth down the paper, working from the centre to the edges to remove any bubbles.

Try to avoid squeezing paste out of the edges. Paste must not come into contact with the surface of the paper (keep hands should clean and dry throughout the process too). This is because paste can damage the surface.

If paste does come into contact with the paper, lightly sponge it whilst still moist, using a clean damp sponge.


Please note we cannot accept responsibility for marks or damage caused during hanging. We hope these instructions are useful. Please contact us with any further questions before getting started.