Pottery platter, chequerboard

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Together with my clever potter friend Lamorna Elmer, we have designed a ceramic platter with a signature twist edge. Each one is handmade in Lamorna's garden pottery and hand-painted with a unique freehand pattern by me.

We hope our serving dishes will form beautiful centrepieces for all kinds of occassion ~ I use mine every day for displaying fruit on the kitchen table. I think they'd look equally lovely hung on the wall or for serving tarts, cakes and party food too. (Everything we love!)

Each platter is completely unique as they're made by hand, by us. We hope they will become family heirlooms cherished and useful for many years.

Please look to see what is available via the pictures. If your favourite is out of stock we might be able to make one similar by commission so please get in touch to find out. 

Bon appétit! 


Platters measure approx 35 x 25cm

Useful information

How to calculate wallpaper

Our wallpaper rolls measure 52cm x 10 metres. This means each roll covers approximately 5 metres square.

To work out how much you need, measure the width and height of each wall, one at time. Multiply the two dimensions. (Ignore doors and windows because it's always better to have some paper spare than not enough, especially when working around features like these).

So for example, the first of 4 walls in a room is H3m x W5m = 15m square. Then divide that by 5 and discover you need 3 rolls for this wall.

Continue this for each wall until you have a total for the room.

Now! This part is vital - you now need to add on an extra 20%. Let's say the room was 60m square in total. You calculated 12 rolls of wallpaper required - and now you need to add another 2-3 rolls to this total.

Why? There is quite a bit of room for error with wallpapering and it's much better safe than sorry. Some paper it lost while matching up the pattern or papering around architectural features.

We hope this helps and please contact us with any questions.

How long do 'made to order' items take?

If an item is marked 'made to order' this means it will take a little longer than our standard delivery times. Once you place an order it will be printed or handmade in the UK and arrive with you in 2-4 weeks. We will be in touch to keep you updated about your delivery.

Can I order a half metre of fabric?

Yes. If you place an order for the number of whole metres you need - then email us to arrange for the extra half.

How to wash and care for linen

For 100% linen we highly recommend to dry clean only as shrinkage will occur. However if you do wash our linen, do so on cool; max. 30°. Lay flat while damp and allow to air dry. Gently steam (with a household steamer) if necessary; linen likes steam. Do not iron. Some light rumples are the part of the beauty of natural cloth. ​