May 03, 2024

Rebel Bunting

By Sophie Harpley
Rebel Bunting

Rosalind King has combined her background in textiles and passion for theatre to bring handmade magic to everyday via her cool, colourful Rebel Bunting. What a great brand name eh? Immediately you know there's no dainty doilies here - instead expect party decor and bespoke pieces that conjure colour, disco-level celebrations and a real reverence for textiles through a truly bohemian lens.

I'm lucky to have known Ros for many years since our Bristol childhoods! But the pinnacle of our creative connection to date has to be the incredible quilt she made for me using my lifelong fabric stash. I always have a sack of fabric remnants, cherished prints, pretty clothes that no-longer fit and odd pieces from family members. With many too small to make much form, a quilt seemed the perfect way to preserve all those memorable prints and colours and create something for the new baby daughter I was expecting at that time. Well Ros took on my mad rag bag and rambling brief and turned it into something beautiful I will cherish forever.

Read on to hear more about Rosalind's eclectic influences and more beautiful pictures of her work.


When did you first start to love the thing you do now, or was it always there? 

I’ve always loved festivals, glamping, circus, interior design, colour and sewing, so it felt natural to start a bunting business as it combined all of these things. I’ve been into sewing and textiles most of my life and did lots of making as a child. 


Describe your creative style in 3 words.

Colourful, eclectic and fun.


What inspired you to build the business you have now? What impact do you hope to create? 

I’d had the idea to start a bunting business for a number of years before I did. I’ve worked at lots of festivals and also at Giffords Circus, which I think inspired me to start up my own creative business. I was also working as a creative workshop leader and a group of us started a monthly meet up where we concentrated on our own practices or businesses and that’s what gave me the impetus and confidence to start the bunting business and just do it! I like to think that I create bunting which creates joy and beauty to help people celebrate life.


Where, who or what experience taught you the most invaluable lessons about the work you do now? Was it university, career or the school of life? 

I think it’s a combination of having studied Textile Design at University with working as a playworker in my 20’s, surrounded by lots of creative people and creative environments and also going to and working at lots of festivals that fed me with ideas and inspiration. 


It’s your day off, what do you do? How do you unwind or find inspiration?

I enjoy pottering around in my garden, visiting an art gallery or just having a walk around a creative part of London. I also enjoy getting out of London and going to the seaside or countryside and having a walk to refresh and get a sense of perspective.  


What’s on your lifestyle shopping list at the moment? (Clothing, beauty, home, anything!)

I’ve been admiring the beautiful striped fabrics by Colours of Arley, who have a gorgeous shop on Hackney Road in East London.  They make bespoke striped fabric from recycled plastic bottles in your choice of colours. I would love to commission some of their fabric and have it made into lampshades and cushions for my home.


Song you can’t get out of your head right now (or an all time fave):  

Sunshine Reggae by Laid Back.


Someone special is taking you out for dinner next week, where would you most like to go?

I always love visiting Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, so a dinner in the restaurant there is always a treat!


A favourite staycation recommendation:  

The beautiful house at Penpont, in the Brecon Beacons in Wales.  It’s a beautiful old house with a river running next to it, a kitchen garden, a tennis court, sauna, an orchard for camping and even an onsite rustic pub. 


Favourite place to travel abroad: 

I’ve just got back from a trip to Cuba and Mexico which were both fantastic.  I loved Oaxaca in Mexico for the colourful buildings, markets, art galleries, culture and amazing bars and restaurants.  Not to mention the endless flags in the streets, it was bunting heaven!


Words of wisdom, what’s the best life or work advice you’ve received?  

Things don’t have to be perfect.  If you wait for perfection you’ll never get anything done.


Who’s the funniest person you know? 

I think it would have to be my nephew, he never ceases to make me laugh.


Your desert island book?

It would be a book my Grandpa wrote about our family’s textile firm which spanned three generations. I feel terrible that I haven’t read it properly so a desert island would be the perfect opportunity.


What item in your home gives you the most joy? Where did it come from?

I think it would be a screen print of some flowers that my mum did.  She’s a very creative person and I think I got a lot of my creativity from her.


What historical figure would you most like to meet?

David Bowie.


If I came around for dinner, what would you cook?

It would probably be a chicken pie or something traditional like that. My friends always say that I cook homely food.


Your favourite season and why?

Summer, for the sunshine, a chance to get out in my Campervan and have adventures, camping, festivals and the abundance of nature growing in my garden and allotment. 


A guilty pleasure?

I always love a Gu dessert!


What’s the most surprising fact about you?

I used to drive a double decker bus when working for a Playbus project.  Driving it to Glastonbury Festival many years ago was a work highlight for sure.


Proudest recent achievement?

I think it would be my recent trip to Cuba and Mexico.  I was both afraid and excited before I went but have come back with so many creative ideas, met so many lovely people and it was amazing to get out of my comfort zone and explore the world once again.


Find out more at Rebel Bunting.


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